Teaching my daughter an important Life Lesson.

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what the fuck…….

this is disgusting

This is so fucking disgusting honestly.

PSA for everyone writing term research papers right now



Mendeley is the greatest program ever

I want to weep with joy every time I use it

Just click a button when you pull up an article and it will automatically save it to your library

And cite it for you

And you can use it on your mobile devices

And it’s free

Just download it and you won’t have so many urges to kill everyone in sight while writing a research paper


Thank you so much!

i love buying books thanks you all uwu

poeticjusticeftdrake answered your post: i bought my kindle paperwhite today gi…

why did you say i was a degenerate negroid

Who is the author of that?

i bought my kindle paperwhite today gimmie some good reads!! ?

if your game isn’t at least 50% playable female characters it’s going to suck

final fantasy 15 has been confirmed for no playable female characters :(


Like i’m such a heavy believer in the supernatural because of my mom and the things that happened to my siblings and i growing up like there is zero doubt in my mind that ghosts and what not exist.



Final Fantasy XV: Promotional Art


a rolls royce and some bbq in a fucking amazing sci-fi fantasy landscape this game is gonna be a wild ride

i remember when i was a kid my mom used to tell me stories all the time about how her romani side of the family was super into the supernatural, like her great great grandma was a forturne teller, her great aunt was a medium, stuff like that. And she would tell me stories about stuff that happened to her as a kid. Like she would see ghosts/demons and she said she even saw death. So like one day she was taking a midday nap and just wakes up freaking the fuck out. She calls her mom and is asking if one of her friends is okay after the accident

My grandma is like “…what accident?”

and my mom goes on to say that she had a dream about her friend getting into a car wreck near a certain street

Turns out that her friend did get into a wreck at the exact street my mom mentioned.

i passed by a mirror while in my underwear and i stopped and looked a my ass curve and was like okay turn up and stared for like 30seconds

you know what i’ve had some white friends on here make posts ‘why are you so mad’ or ‘just calm down’  ,trying to seem vague, when I and other POCs are going off about something racist. Do not think I haven’t noticed.

what did laina do now?


hello earthlings


"The Police say the fire was accidental."

Oh. Riiiiight. The Police. The Ferguson Police. The Police who stepped on and let their dogs urinate on the Mike Brown Memorial. The Ferguson Police who covered up Mike Brown’s shooting, the Police who started martial law and shot rubber and wood bullets into crowds of peaceful protestors. The Ferguson Police. That Police??? I DUNNOOOOOO.